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"Evan and Emily turned my dream wedding into a reality. Finding a secluded wedding venue while at the same time being picturesque seems like an impossible task especially in this region. State parks are packed, views are limited, and accessibility is non-existent. Getting married on Emily and Evan's land was (after deciding to marry Joe) the best decision I've ever made. From perfect weather, well-kept fields, and plenty of room for our close friends to camp out, our August wedding was one for the books. Our guests still talk about how fun, relaxed, and beautiful the day was. This is Vermont's best kept secret!"

                                                                           ~Julia, 2021

Weddings on the Farm

Our hilltop has been graced with three weddings, including our own, and we would be honored to host your Vermont wedding event, as well! 

We can accommodate wedding events from late May-early September.


Weddings on our remote hilltop camping area are 'pack-in, pack-out', with wedding parties responsible for arranging details like tent rental and trash removal.

We know how personalized such an event can be, and can guide you in the unique details required for hosting a more rustic, hill top wedding on our farm. 

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