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getting to the farm

the land: fledgling farmstead      tunbridge, Vermont

Fledge Fest is not your average festival! Tucked in the quiet hills of central Vermont, we invite you to make the journey and stay for the weekend.


Access to the hilltop site is a short journey from the main parking area; festival goers can take the short walk through the woods along a well-maintained woodland road, or ride the shuttle van to the hill top. 

The festival site is relatively flat, mowed, and well maintained, offering accesibility for all festival goers.

Fledge fest 2023 site map.png

festival site map

Fledge Fest
takes place on the hilltop event space located at Fledgling Farmstead

Location and Parking: IMPORTANT! Please Read! 


                 Signage to the parking area will be clearly marked from the farmstead address:

                                213 Bicknell Hill Road Tunbridge, Vermont


There is limited parking on top of the hill at the festival site! Parking on top of hill is prioritized for muscians, vendors and for ADA accessibility. The main parking area is at the bottom of the forest road immediately accross from the forest road entrance, in the cow pasture.

From here guests have two options to get to the festival: you may follow the 'walking path' to the top of the hill (10 minute, up hill walk) Or wait for a shuttle we will be running during the festival. An overflow parking area will be south of the Fledgling Farmstead house site just off of Bicknell Hill Road, also in a cow pasture.

Parking Shuttle: 

The parking shuttle will be operating during specific hours to aid those arriving and departing from the festival. The shuttle will run more frequently during peak demand and less frequently during low demand. The shuttle will take its last run (down hill) at 11 PM both nights. The following is the anticipated shuttle schedule. 



                                Shuttle Schedule 

Friday: 3 PM - 7 PM ....................every 30 minutes

7 PM - 10 PM......... Every hour (As needed)

10 PM - 11 PM............ every 15 minutes

Saturday: 12 PM - 6 PM ...................... Every 30 minutes

6 PM - 10 PM .......................every hour (As needed)

10 PM - 11 PM.......................Every 30 minutes

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