Grass-Fed Meats

Our farm has been home to a small herd of Guernsey cows since 2013 that we raise for milk and meat production.


A mixed-breed flock of sheep from Diversity Farm made their new home here in the spring of 2020. ​At the end of July, 2020, we harvested the first batch of lambs grazed on our land in Tunbridge. 

Our animals are exclusively grass-fed in the warm months and fed hay in the winter. 

We offer retail cuts of beef and lamb as well as half and whole animals upon request.

Current retail meat prices (as of January 4, 2022):


Ground: $12/#

Stew: $10/#

Kebab: $15/#

Leg Slices: $15/#

Shanks: $10/#

Rib and Loin Chops: $17/#

Shoulder Chops: $11/#

Organ Meats: $5/#


Ground: $7/#

Stew: $8/#

Brisket: $9/#

Chuck Roast: $9/#

Shin Steaks (cross-cut shanks): $8/#

Short Ribs: $8/#

Sirloin Steak: $10/#

Flat Iron Steak: $10/#

Sirloin Steak: $11/#

Flank Steak: $11/#

Rib-eye Steak: $14/#

Strip Steak: $15/#

Tenderloin Steak: $20/#

Liver: $4/#

Bones: $4/#

Pastured Eggs

We raise a mixed-breed flock of layer hens that free-range in the summer and live cozied up with the sheep in our large greenhouse in the winter. We feed Green Mountain Feed's non-GMO grain and supplement with food scraps, skim milk and whey from our dairy. Our happy hens range on pasture and have access to the compost pile in the warmer months, providing a diverse diet that produces nutrient-dense eggs!

Eggs are currently available for sale in our farm store, twice monthly at the Montpelier Summer Farmer's Market, and weekly at the Chelsea Farmer's Market.

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