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Meet the farm crew!

This is us! The farm crew at Fledgling Farmstead; Evan, Emily, Heron, Hayden and Briar along with Emily's parents Lee and Dean Wheeler. The current stewards of a highly diverse 190 acre farm in the rugged hills of Tunbridge, Vermont. Cleared in 1791 this land has had many uses from dairy, to sheep to forest products. Currently we manage a market garden to provide for our CSA, growing and managing fruit crops (apples, plums, pears, peaches, blue berries, currants) and raising beef, lamb, and layer hens. After 10 years of dairy farming we took a two year break. In the fall of 2020 we may dip back into milking a cow! We will also be offering on farm events and workshops.

Though we are not certified organic, our growing philosophy and practices are that and more. We do not use synthetic herbicides and pesticides, we use our own compost from our organic dairy, we foster diversity with inter-cropping, we use cover cropping, crop rotation and our growing systems are inspired by ecology. 

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